Emotional Health & Well-Being

Here at Kymbrook Lower School we put great emphasis on the importance of the emotional health and well-being of our children.  

Without good balanced emotional strength and academic resilience most children will fail to thrive and learn. This is well documented in academic research. 


With a view to supporting our pupils ALL children here at Kymbrook Lower are screened through a 'vulnerablility index'. This enables us to identify the children in our care that may be vulnerable and to quietly support them through any emotional or tricky times in their young lives. You as parents can support us in this worthwhile work by helping to ensure that we are made aware of events out side of school that may impact on your child/ren/s emotional well-being. If Granny has been poorly or perhaps someone in the family has left ,all these life events can impact on childrens ability to 'bounce back' , the sooner we know the better we can help and support. 

We have a wide variety of strategies and ways in which to support your child/ren. If you would like to read more please download our "Strategies for Emotional health & Well-Being & Academic Resilience" Document from our downloads page.