Sports and Physical Education at Kymbrook




Here at Kymbrook Lower we love to play, move and keep fit.


Our wide provision includes:

  • Sports lessons taught by sports coaches.
  • Football Club.
  • Multiskills Clubs.
  • Tennis Clubs.
  • Ball skills Clubs.
  • Dance Club.
  • Summer Swimming lessons in our on site open air pool.
  • Inter School competitions for Key Stages 1 & 2.
  • County wide competition ( if we get through !!)
  • Sports day.
  • Dinner time activities / equipment.


Over the last few years Sports Premium Funding has enabled the school to ensure all teaching staff are suitably trained for swimming teaching and all support staff have the correct safety training for supervision of swimming lessons. The premium has enabled the school to extend the life of the swimming pool by having it re-lined.

This year Kymbrook Lower School has been allocated £3450 in May 2016 and a further £3450 in November 


Currently the school has just spent all of the allocated funding on a brand new artificial sports pitch 20x26m squared for installation on our brand new sports field at a cost of £26,500. 

We look forward to this sporting facillity giving pupils access to all year facillities enhancing their involvement in pitch sports